Tooth Fillings

At Meiplus Dentalcare at Tanjong Pagar in Singapore, offers tooth fillings as one of its treatments.These are among the most common dental procedures and can be used for both cosmetic and structural purposes.

Why You Need Tooth Fillings?

In general, a filling is used to restore a tooth that has been decayed.However, fillings are not only used to treat tooth decay.You may also use them to repair a cracked or broken tooth, or to rebuild one that has been worn down – for instance, as a result of excessive grinding.

Decay is caused by bacteria eating unreachable bits of food. Before you notice any pain, decay can become extensive. The teeth should be examined regularly for signs of decay, and cleaned by a dental team as soon as possible so that decay can be treated.

The Process Of Getting A Filling

We create fillings that are both functional and aesthetic. Using ceramic or composite materials, they recreate the original shape and strength of the tooth. Composite restorations are layered to mimic the shade, structure, and light reflection of natural teeth. For ceramic fillings, we use CAD-CAM to ensure their accuracy.


A local anesthesia is used to numb the area around the tooth.


We will use dental tools to remove damage and/or decay, then add a composite material that matches the surrounding teeth.

This procedure typically takes about 30 minutes in total.

Fillings are not the only option available to improve the appearance of damaged teeth. Veneers, crowns, implants, and bridges are alternatives.

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