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Passionate For Life -Mykonos Medical Group is a Pan-Asian healthcare services company dedicated to providing patients with value-based healthcare services. It currently owns and operates dental brands across Korea and Singapore.

ceo greetings

CEO Greeting

Our company opened and operates dental clinic in the Central Business District of Singapore.
We intend to lead the company in the medical market with the following vision in mind :
“To provide aesthetic beauty through dental treatment services.”
Despite Singapore being a small country with a population of only 5.6 million, it has tremendous growth potential for medical services as it acts as a central hub of Asia. 
With our staff from all over Asia, with a heart of passion in each of them, and with their understanding spirit, we intend to become a medical group in the market, we are planning to expand our clinic within Singapore and furthermore to countries nearby in Southeast Asia.
Please continue to render your warmest support in this mission of Mykonos Medical Group.

Thank you very much.

CEO / Clinical Director / DDS Dr Steve Rhee (Chong Soo)

Our Business Activities

Our first clear aligners seminar was held in 2018 Singapore.

Dental volunteer since 2018



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