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Dentures in Singapore

Dentures look more natural and are more comfortable than ever. If you don’t tell others you’re wearing dentures, they probably wouldn’t notice. You can easily insert and remove these custom-made replacements from your mouth once they have been made and fitted, letting you wear them whenever it suits you.

Make your own dentures

At Meiplus Dentalcare, we make dentures custom-fitted to your mouth, using your impressions and measurements. A set of dentures made in this way will fit comfortably, provide you with a proper bite, and look like your natural teeth.

Complete dentures replace all the teeth either in the upper or lower jaw.  Partial dentures replace your natural teeth and fit over and around your remaining natural teeth.

For the fitting and check up of your dentures,  you will need to visit our dental clinic in Singapore several times. As you age, and as your mouth shape alters naturally, realignment and replacement will be required. Follow-up appointments are recommended every six to twelve months.

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