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Do not miss regular dental check-up with teeth cleaning & Polishing

Teeth Cleaning

We will improve your oral health and whiten your teeth. You will also receive advice on how to maintain effective oral hygiene at home from our Meiplus dental team.

The Treatment of Dental Hygiene

  • Scaling & Polishing (ultrasonic / hand scaling)
  • Periodontitis deep cleaning
  • Airflow polishing for stain removal
  • Detailed Oral Hygiene Instructions

Gum disease: dental hygiene treatments

Gum disease is caused by the build up of tartar and bacteria. More than half of the adults in Singapore are estimated to suffer from it.

Symptoms of gum disease

  • Gums bleeding
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Swollen or abscessed gums
  • Bad breath
  • Increased space between teeth
  • Increased tooth mobility
The symptoms listed above may indicate a serious problem. To book an appointment with our dentists, call 6538 1400.
Healthy gums and teeth are maintained with regular teeth cleanings every 6 months.

Airflow Tooth Polishing

Elevate your oral hygiene with our Airflow Tooth Polishing system. This sophisticated teeth cleaning solution ensures thorough cleaning and stain removal, reaching every nook and cranny of your teeth and gums. Experience the next level of dental care for a brighter, healthier smile!

Types of Stains Addressed by Airflow Teeth Cleaning:

Airflow dental treatment effectively eliminates stubborn stains like those from coffee, tea, tobacco, and red wine, reaching areas where traditional cleaning may struggle.

Immediate Results and Versatility:

Experience immediate results with airflow tooth polishing, leaving your teeth brighter and your breath fresher after a single visit. Ideal for special occasions like weddings and holidays.

About Our Team

Meet Our Dentists from Korea, USA, UK, Aus and Singapore.

Dr John Kim Singapore

Dr. Kim Taeyun

DDS Columbia Univ. (NY, USA)

Dr Winston How dentist in Singapore

Dr. Winston How


Dr Bak Junbeom dentist in Singapore

Dr. Bak Junbeom

BDS King's College London (UK)

Dr James Leem

Dr. Leem Jae Hoon

BDSc Melbourne Univ.

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