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Healthy Teeth Beget Good Health

Did you know that oral health can have a direct influence on your physical health and wellbeing as well? Yes, that’s true! The longer you wait to treat your dental problem, the greater the damage will be to your overall dental and physical health.

About our team

Dr. Kang Minsok

DDS Columbia (USA)

dental team singapore dr how

Dr. Winston How


Dr. Bak Junbeom

BDS King's College (UK)

What Is Considered Major Dental Care

Dentists never enjoy dealing with dental issues, but the good news is that many of these issues can be avoided. We share some of the most common dental problems along with possible causes, treatments, and prevention tips.


Digital Dentistry

Digital intraoral scanner has taken the traditional practice of taking a dental impression of your teeth to a different way. They are touch-free and comfortable. To top it off, the 3D model of your teeth that is generated is easily stored and transferred as digital data.


Digital accuracy and reduce manual errors


Takes only 2 min for full teeth scanning


No more gag reflex from impression materials and dental tray 


No messy dental impressions

Your comfort and safety is our concern

We have many of experiences dealing with anxious and nervous patients ensuring that treatment is done gently and comfortably.

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    Corporate Partners

    We offer Corporate Deals with special rate amount wherein each employee’s family members can enjoy the benefits.