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Meiplus Dentalcare is to provides honest and comfortable dental services
for the individual and his or her family.

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What is the Dental Implant? Implants are artificial components for replacing missing teeth. In contrast to
bridge and denture, implants have similar strength and external occlusal
functional ability to natural teeth. An implant is made up of a fixture, abutment
and crown. When the fixture is specially surface treated this makes the bone well
adhere to the metal ( mainly Titanium ) and is called osseointegration. At Meiplus
dentalcare, the use of a fixture that has been treated with S.L.A ( Sandblasting with
Large grit and acid etching ) is used to increase the life span of the implant.

Indication for dental implants

When there is one
tooth loss

When there are
multiple missing teeth

Fully missing teeth
across the whole
dental arch

If you prefer not to have
the neighbouring teeth
to be cut

If you have difficulty
using dentures

If you leave the ( extracted tooth ) space without treatment.

- Deformation of teeth
- Deformation of facial contour
- Initiation of periodontal condition and dental caries
- Resorption bone
- Decrease in chewing function causing digestive disorder

Duration for Dental implant treatment.

  • Diagnostic treatment
    plan through X-ray, 3D CT

  • Place fixtures

  • Progression of second surgery
    (if necessary, prosthesis can
    be done immediately)

  • Start of the prosthetic
    treatment total treatment
    period 3 to 6 months

Total treatment period 3 to 6 months

Dental Implants surgery Sinus lifting -
Bone expansion -
Aesthetic Implants -
Full mouth Rehabilitation -
Over Denture -
Orthodontic Implants -
One day Implants -

What is the Meiplus Implant System

  • 1

    Accurate diagnosis and
    treatment plan from a
    skilled and experienced
    dental professional staff.

  • 2

    Using SLA surface treated

  • 3

    Customized treatment
    plan according to gingival
    and bone condition
    (prosthetic and surgical
    system)and personalised
    gingival shape.

  • 4

    Excellent ceramic
    prosthesis for strength and

  • 5

    Post-management system
    for post-operative

Dental Operation Assurance System paragraph

Our dentists will provide a personalized dental care for you and your family.
We use durable restorations for optimal function and aesthetics .
Our dental professionals will give advice on the risks and the chances of this happening during the
initial check up stage and ongoing maintenance phase of the treatment.
Our number one goal is your satisfaction!


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